Monday, March 26, 2007

Ball of String

Who would ever think a "Ball of String" would sell for a Winning bid on eBay for $305.50? Well it did!

What is lurking in your attic, better yet your mom or dad's attic? You could offer to sell it for them on eBay and make some money. Do you ever think you're missing out on money that could be made selling unused items on eBay? Maybe the next garage sale you go to you'll find something unique, keep your eyes open and give eBay a try.

This is a great looking vintage original large 30 pound ball of string that took 20 years to accumulate by an employee at the US Post Office in Windsor, NY (was presented to him on retirement). Ball of string has a 48" circumfrence and makes an interesting object de'art, looks and displays nicely.

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