Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WWII-B24 Leather A2 Flight Jacket

Current bid is at $1,185.00 with only 2 more days left.

American history- this is an original leather USAAF A-2 Flight Jacket in original condition and identified. Worn by J.R.Perry Jr who flew B24 Liberator Bombers circa 1942-45. He was a member of the 44th Bomb Group nicknamed the "Flying 8 Balls ",who were the first group to fly B24s out of England...What makes this jacket interesting is it also has the 98th Bomb Group patch on front..research shows that about 500 members of the 44th were transfered over to the 98th to fly the B24 in the North Africa he was in both groups,with two squadron insignia patches....Jacket is dark brown leather, zipper front with double pocket and ribbed knit cuffs and waist band. It features the original painted 98th squadron patch showing a laurel wreath and hand with a bomb,slogan "Force For Freedom".
UPDATE: Winning Bid was $1585.00

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