Monday, April 30, 2007

Entrepreneurial Friendships

This blog all started with getting reacquainted with a friend from high school after 40 years. I found it so interesting that after owning their own antique and collectible store front for over 12 years, she and her husband decided to close up shop and they now make a full time living selling collectibles on eBay.

They are truly entrepreneurs, loving what they do and doing what they love. They have many contacts in their field of antiques and collectibles so they know all the right places to find collectibles to sell on eBay.
Collectibles For Sale

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Making Money On Ebay

By: Daniel Millions
Selling on eBay could be a bit tedious at in the beginning. You have to do a lot of researching and book reading just to make sure that your first eBay store will run well and generally create for you a steady income stream.

Well, here are some things that you cant afford to just set aside especially if this is your first time to set up an online auction store like eBay. Some call this a path to eBay enlightenment.....Read more

The first block goes with identifying your market. Take a moment to identify those products that sell and those that do not. Please take note that as much as possible you are only to consider product lines that belong to your personal interests. Often, this is being emphasized in many eBay articles, picking products of your interest is a lot more effective than selling items that you just chose for the sake of having products to sell. It actually helps when you are familiar with your products as it gives you more confidence when pricing your items and when you are giving them individual descriptions.

Secondly, every seller must be very keen to watch the competition. Before starting to put any investment money in eBay, always try to see what other sellers strategies are and try to find any flaw those sellers might have with their selling strategies. Flaws will be your opportunity to penetrate into the market as buyers are more up to the better sellers. Try to identify your standing if ever you will join the competition. Study your advantages and disadvantages.

After studying the competition, you may then find your product suppliers. Beware of others who are selling you databases of the suppliers information. Most of them are just going to rip your money off. They do not have any intention of giving you what you have paid them for. You can do researchers online. Forums are good sources of valuable information and recommendations from other sellers. Once you have seen a supplier that can give you a price that is much lower than the average price of items on eBay, then you are set. Remember your main objective is to gain profits from your eBay store.

As a novice, you better start small rather than starting with a big store right away. You may expand once you have made a satisfactory profit and when you fill that you can handle a bigger store. Dont waste your money on an idea which is not yet sure to click although eBay has almost all kinds of market for every kind product regardless of their functionality. You may want to change your existing strategies if they are not so effective. Never be afraid to try different strategies. You dont have to follow others strategies unless they are proven to be applicable to all sellers.

The last block goes for those who easily quit. All successful sellers around eBay have one common story. They have probably tried so many products and selling strategies and they never quit until they have become successful as they are now. Be positive and remember that success is more felt when there are hardships on the way.

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Make Money On Ebay
Daniel Millions

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Ball of String

Who would ever think a "Ball of String" would sell for a Winning bid on eBay for $305.50? Well it did!

What is lurking in your attic, better yet your mom or dad's attic? You could offer to sell it for them on eBay and make some money. Do you ever think you're missing out on money that could be made selling unused items on eBay? Maybe the next garage sale you go to you'll find something unique, keep your eyes open and give eBay a try.

This is a great looking vintage original large 30 pound ball of string that took 20 years to accumulate by an employee at the US Post Office in Windsor, NY (was presented to him on retirement). Ball of string has a 48" circumfrence and makes an interesting object de'art, looks and displays nicely.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting Started as an eBay Trading Assistant

As you can see my friend isaacmuzzy sells a wide variety of antique, collectible and vintage items. They have been a member of eBay since April 14, 1999 with a feedback score of 16,412 with a positive feedback of 99.8%.

They are also trading assistants with eBay and thought you might be interested in knowing the requirements needed.

If you are an experienced eBay seller, you can also help others to sell their items on eBay. You can join and be listed in eBay's Trading Assistants Directory if you meet the following requirements.
  • Sold at least 10 items in the last three months
  • Feedback score of 100 or higher
  • 97% or more of your feedback is positive
  • eBay account is in good standing
For more information on becoming an eBay Trading Assistant.

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WWII-B24 Leather A2 Flight Jacket

Current bid is at $1,185.00 with only 2 more days left.

American history- this is an original leather USAAF A-2 Flight Jacket in original condition and identified. Worn by J.R.Perry Jr who flew B24 Liberator Bombers circa 1942-45. He was a member of the 44th Bomb Group nicknamed the "Flying 8 Balls ",who were the first group to fly B24s out of England...What makes this jacket interesting is it also has the 98th Bomb Group patch on front..research shows that about 500 members of the 44th were transfered over to the 98th to fly the B24 in the North Africa he was in both groups,with two squadron insignia patches....Jacket is dark brown leather, zipper front with double pocket and ribbed knit cuffs and waist band. It features the original painted 98th squadron patch showing a laurel wreath and hand with a bomb,slogan "Force For Freedom".
UPDATE: Winning Bid was $1585.00

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11 Of The Best Places to Find Items to Sell on Ebay

By Mike Makler

Last Year over 20 Billion Dollars worth of product was sold on Ebay. (Yes Biilion with a "B"). Many people are earning $10,000 or more selling on Ebay. Many more would like to sell on Ebay but they face that big hurdle - Where Do I find Items to sell on Ebay. Here are the 11 Best Places to Find Items to sell on E-Bay.....Read more

1 - Garage Sales

The Strategy that works best with Garage Sales is stop by at the end of the day and offer to buy all the merchandise they have left. You can often spend $25 - $50 and then resell on Ebay for $500 or more.

2 - Storage Units

You've seen those Storage units. If people don't pay their rent the contents are auctioned site unseen.
You can almost always make huge profits reselling these items on Ebay and you almost always break even if you happen to get a lemon.

3 - Household Items

Clean out the attic, go through the garage and even your closet. Most Households have hundreds if not thousands of dollars of "Junk" they can sell on Ebay.

4 - Government Auctions

Government Auctions are a great place to find things to sell on Ebay.

5 - Consignment

This appears to be one of the fastest growing small business of the New Millennium. You sell things for other people on E-Bay and you keep 25% of the profit

6 - Ebay

If you know a market like coins, Antiques, Stamps you can often buy items on Ebay at deep discounts from motivated sellers and then turn around and sell them at a very nice profit.

7 - Retail Inventory

If you happen to own a store this is a great way to get rid of your overstock, Off Season or returned items. Using the consignment idea you can offer to sell (hard to sell items) for local merchants on Ebay.

8 - Flea Markets/Swap Meets

Flea Markets/ Swap Meets often have Day Sellers. Many of these people don't want to load up the stuff at the end of the day and take it Home. By offering to by all that is left at the end of the day you can often get great deals.

9 - Church Bazaars

The Church Bazaar strategy is similar to the Flea Market Strategy above. Offer to buy what's left at the end of the day at a deep discount

10 Fairs and festivals

Use buy it all strategy above at local fairs and festivals.

11 - Drop Ship

Drop Shipping is a great way to get items to sell on E-Bay. See the Ebay Resource link below for more information.

About The Author:

Mike Makler has been Marketing Online Since 2001 When he Built
an Organization of over 100,000 Members

Drop Shipping Your Way to Wealth Over 90,000 Items You can Sell on EBay

Getting Started With Ebay Resource Guide

Weekly Tips and Tricks Newsletter

Copyright © 2005-2006 Mike Makler the Coolest Guy in the Universe

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Want To Start A Serious Ebay Business?

Entrepreneurs - Want To Start A Serious Ebay Business?
By Lee Lister
OK, you are really serious about setting up your new business; you don’t want some hobby but the real thing. You’ve thought about buying and sell on eBay, but are unsure if you can make a living off of it. Well millions do – but you have to approach it like every other business. Here’s a start up plan for you.....Read more

First of all - all the information you need to set up and manage an eBay account and store are on eBay itself - so don't buy some cheap ebook just to get the same information. Now here is a simple plan for you.

1) Have a good look at eBay and see what kind of things sell well. Make a list of 20 - 30 items that you are interested in. Don't pick any high cost or heavy/hard to ship items unless you are really interested in that business area.

2) Cross of any items where there appear to be dominated by 2-3 Power Sellers - printer ink would be an example. These are markets that will be too difficult to penetrate for someone with little feedback.

3) Work out what it will cost to sell an item in the price ranges you are looking for. Include payment processing costs, listing costs and selling costs. Ditto for shipping, packing and mailing costs. This is your cost of doing business.

4) Pick the top 10 cheapest to fulfill – that is list, process payments, correspond with the customer, wrap and mail the item, then support the sale afterwards. Research the cheapest purchasing cost you can buy these products at. Look at your local flea markets, garage sales, sales, auctions on and off line and local retailers or producers.

5) Now pick your top 5 items that appear to make a reasonable profit of 50% or more.

6) Test sell a few of each of the 5 items to see what happens. If not satisfactory after about 3 weeks then move onto another 5 items.

7) Rinse and repeat, remembering to change your sale items every so often.

Good Luck.


© Copyright 2007 Biz Guru Services Ltd

Lee Lister, writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites including her own sites. With over 20 year’s management and business consultancy experience with businesses large and small as well as being a serial entrepreneur, she now helps others set up, develop and market their businesses.
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